Splintered Grace

Thoughts & Prayers 🤔🙏🏻

September 30, 2021 Bonnie Violet & Tina Frank Season 3 Episode 8
Splintered Grace
Thoughts & Prayers 🤔🙏🏻
Show Notes

Join us as we discuss thoughts & prayers. Many people use this statement to encourage others that are going through something hard.  We talk about the heart behind the statement and how it can be received by the recipient. 
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This season we push the depths of our relationship even further. Tackling the difficult conversations that we fear may separate us.

Tina, a conservative Christian woman and Bonnie Violet, a trans gender queer drag queen have an anti-cancel culture conversation. While many family members are choosing to no longer speak, we have chosen to sit at the table and engage in difficult conversation to find peace and restoration.

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